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Welcome to CZAR Disko!

CZAR – WHAT?  CZAR Disko is a talent development program and CZAR’s new, vibrant production branch. Think of it as the fun little sibling of CZAR.

Our mission? To offer cool, creative solutions for all sorts of projects, giving new and upcoming talents a space to shine. CZAR Disko is about empowering aspiring filmmakers and creators by throwing out the traditional rulebook.

We’re all about mentorship, creative freedom, and thinking way outside the box. By ditching the standard production playbook, we create a space where bold, innovative ideas can really take off. This means we can deliver unique, quality content at any budget.

For our clients and brand partners, this means benefiting from fresh, creative perspectives and cost-effective solutions while maintaining the high standards synonymous with the CZAR name. For our talent, it’s a unique opportunity to dive into the industry, guided by the best in the business.

Interested in a CZAR Disko production?

Here’s what’s in it for you!

› We’re budget-friendly. Seriously.
› Our hybrid production crew is super versatile and can wear many hats.
› Unique Trade-Off: You trust us with creative freedom → We give you amazing quality content!
› Short, sweet treatments mean less back-and-forth and quicker starts.
› The amount of creatives on set matches up to your budget.
› Fresh, innovative scripts every time.
› Our young talents work under experienced mentors, so you get the best of both worlds.

We envision a dynamic and inclusive creative industry where emerging talent is given the opportunity to shine. Through our commitment to innovation, excellence, and the development of our participants, a CZAR Disko production is achieved through creative freedom and the trust placed in our talented makers to deliver exceptional work.

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