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Lionel Goldstein

Lionel Goldstein is the alias of Belgian directing team Koen Mortier and Joe Vanhoutteghem, co-founders of Czar Brussels.

In 2001, Koen and Joe decided to have Lionel follow a path that was different from the directing careers they had established individually. Ever since they have won awards at several film festivals like Cannes Lions, Eurobest, Ciclope and many more.

Lionel’s world is absurd, sad and funny but believable and relevant at the same time. Based on the original concept, he usually rewrites the script given to him, adding the aforementioned elements to emotional situations and characters the viewers can empathize with. Over the years Lionel’s reel has come to encompass a wide range of sharp and witty films that certainly bring some extra flavor to the international advertising landscape.

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